Sens vs. Lightning Game Day Preview


Today is Thursday. And the Senators play a game against your Tampa Bay Lightning! OMG I'M NERVOUS. Why is Mike Condon starting again for a record 35th straight game? He's sooo tired because I saw him sleeping in a ditch. I think it was him. Or it was Fred. But STILL. 

The Hamburger must be just itching to get a start. I bet her said "Coach, can I start?"'and then Boucher is all like "no". And then Hammond goes "YOU FRIG OFF ALL OF YOU. YOU KNOW WHO I AM? YOU KNOW WHAT I'VE DONE? STAY BACK CURTIS LAZAR STAY BACK". And then they have to taze him.

I think Ottawa matches up well with Tampa. You got Hedman and Karlsson and you have snow vs fire. Get it? CAuse of the weather. I think the key for Ottawa is to score goals. Like, you gotta score goals in this league. 

But I bet if Ottawa wins tonight, the boys are treated to a nice Red Lobster dinner. And Mike Hoffman will sit in the corner wearing sunglasses and will tell the waiter to NOT FUCKING BOTHER HIM.