Ottawa Senators vs Panthers Recap

So the game started, but I was on the toilet. I was like "HUNNY? WHAT TIME IS IT?" No answer came. I was getting worried but I had bad stomach pains. Anywho, I missed the start of the game (because Todd didn't tell me the start time).


When I turned on the TV, I couldn't believe my eyes: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I think I yelled FUCK THIS. And that was when I started the game.

What a mess. Erik Karlsson is really good all night. But Mike Condon I think was drunk.

But then I heard a loud scream and started seeing smoke come through the bottom of the door. I yelled "GRANNY? AUNT CAROL?" And that was the moment I knew Aunt Carol had been electrocuted unconscious. 

Back to the game. I mean come on Bobby Ryan. Get'r going or what!??