top 5 sledding moments of my life

sometimes all you want to do is forget all your chores and just take a rip on a gt snow racer whilst drunk. here are the top 5 sledding moments of my life

5) 2008, my brother said "you're too chicken do go down Death Mountain on a sled". so i gave him the finger and went down backwards on a super slider. i believe the medic said i was free falling for a good 12 seconds before impact, but i don't remember. 

4) 2004, my granny needed a ride to the legion but my Uncle Roger had no room in his truck because he brought his dog Whiskers. so they thought it would be a brilliant idea to attach a sled to the back of his truck with a rope and he would drag her there. well, i guess he forgot she there and gunned it down the highway. my sled was ruined, i was so pissed.

3) 2011, me and my brother watched home alone, and we both yelled "cool!" so we took the sled down the stairs but it didn't go straight down like in the movie. we took a header over the banister and my brother landed in a laundry basket that my mother was holding and shattered both of her arms.

2) 2013, i went to giant tiger and then out of the darkness, a light shined so brightly it blinded poor mike. what was revealed was a STX9000 special edition, the most revered sled in north america. i looked at my bank account and said "unlucky" because i only had $200 for wolf shirts and a few bars.

1) me and my then-girlfriend were going down the hill, when i decided to pop the question, "will you marry me!" but before i could pull out the ring, we snagged a rock and we both rag-dolled down the mountain at an incredible speed and we were both knocked unconscious. i thought it was romantic but she was spitting blood.....sooooo...