sens vs canucks recap

what a game. i was lucky enough to have been there in person. but to tell you the truth, I could only think of one thing: hot dogs. so i left the game and i ate 3 harveys hot dogs. and then i had a big old starbucks coffee. and then i made my way back to the game. to my shock and dismay, the game was over for more than 2 hours. I had missed it. all for hot dogs. I was piss steaming angry. so i did what any angry person would do: head to DQ for a treat. but no, they friggin closed. i screamed "WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS??" and then it happened, a pack of ravenous dogs came out of the bush and viciously dragged me to their den. i was so frightened. but then a huge bear came out of no where and saved me. but it was no bear. it was Beast from Beauty and the Beast. he was badly hurt, and I started to run away, but then my concious weighed on me. i knew i had to attend to the injured Beast. but when i returned, he was gone with no trace. and then i looked around, and realized i was lying in a ditch in front of my house with at least 18 empties scattered near my body. i was  just really drunk. the end