christmas glamour shots with the wife

any good glamour shot has to have a professional looking backdrop canvas. this one is crafted from the finest silk in all the land. just a quick hammer and we're good to go

can't see too good, is that camera workin'?

ok let's get serious. got the neighbour kid to take the photos to save a few dollars

here i am yelling at the creative director because he put on the wrong lens

alright now we're talkin'

candid shot, look how happy she is

worked hard to perfect this smile

here's where i stubbed my toe. wife doesn't look too impressed.. she'll get over it

yep, this one's going on the christmas card

not going to lie, i straight up farted in this one

wonder if she noticed...

hey, i didn't know you could play the piano?

i don't know what i was doing here, felt natural so i went with it