how to decorate for halloween

have you ever tried to decorate the house for halloween and it just looked like shit? well then this guide is for you.

first things first: beer break. 

the only tools you'll need: hammer and carpenter nail

hard work means you get another break....what's that guy's problem?

make sure your ladder is level before climbing. once you're at the top, just give'r a good hammer's a tip: don't look down. 

tip number two: maybe don't decorate when it's windy outside. 

don't fight it, let the wind do what it may

a little accident. no problems. just get the liquor into you and you'll be fine

next up: spiderwebs. a must in any spooky home

make sure you clump it so it looks realistic. 

found a photo of aunt edna in the basement. she told me to put it up for halloween. only problem is she's been dead for 5 years

make sure you bend at the knees when you lift heavy objects. not quite sure what i'm gonna do with this pumpkin, but i'll figure it out once i get to the top of the ladder i guess.

i immediately regret this decision


bad idea BAD IDEA

 pure panic captured on film

pumpkin just obliterated 

i didn't even know where i was. i was conscious, but barely

neighbour just taking off. yeah don't worry lady, i'm only puking blood

time to call'er a day