giant tiger visit

what a day. here i am at my favourite store, and you couldn't wipe the smile from my face. i bet though if i was hit by a car, then that would wipe the smile from my face...but nothing else. 

i was walking so fast to get in, and my granny yelled "hey stop! let me get a picture of you" and i was like "ok granny, but hurry up though ok? i can't wait to see the deals".

as soon as you walk in the door, they have a plethora of adult onesies. at first it was cute, but when they have 14 aisles set aside just for kinda get weirded out a bit. but it's okay, because of the deals. 

i friggin couldn't believe i found it! i've been searching for hulk hogan's book for over 2 years now, but it's consistently sold out everywhere. and here it is, at gt boutique. that could be considered the find of the year. a real american 

ottawa senator towels. one time i bought 20 of these and hid them all over my neighbours house. when he came home and found them, he legit started crying. i felt a little bad, but then he gave me the finger and i hit him with a baseball bat.

the number one reason i shop at giant tiger: wolf sweater. and check out this one. majestic. if you look closely, they have little wolves on the sleeves. that's how you know it's an authentic wolf sweater. just beautiful

this one just arrived. there was only one left and i had to dig for it. you can tell someone tried to hide it so they could run back home to get $20. too bad buddy

when i saw this, i asked to see the manager. when he came out, i shook his hand and simply said "thank you". i mean, an eagle and a wolf on the same sweater? that's almost too much.

of course, don't forget to pick up a pair of snoogies, only $5. unreal comfort. granny has 4 pairs alone. she used to have more but they burnt down pretty good in the great fire

you like cola? then get to giant tiger for royal crown cola. the only cola the president will drink. but what's vess? looks like shit

and that concludes this weeks trip, and it was very successful. the only hiccup i guess you can say was when granny put that lady in a head lock outside bed, bath, and beyond.

p.s. check out the outfit i bought for the bar tonight. i'll probably get a few free drinks because of it. pure class