top 5 reasons the senators will make the playoffs

5) Lehner is going to go up to coach MacLean and just stare him down, making MacLean retire to live somewhere in the woods off the grid. Lehner is the number 1 goalie

4) Condra is going to really cheer on the team you guys. he's going to chant things like "go sens go" and "here we go ottawa here we go" and even "we're number 1"

3) the team will implement the rule that instead of fans getting free pizza if they score 5 goals, the players would get a free slice. after hearing this, Cowen wins the Norris 

2) the team realizes that the only way the team will ever be successful is to revert back to the old 2D logo jerseys and so they do and they win more games than they lose and also Spartacat starts to launch hotdogs into the crowd again. 

1) during the home opener they get a close up of maclean who is revealed to be holding an electric guitar. he starts playing the solo from u2's "with or without you" and then the lights go out and then a huge rocket with massive flames shooting out of it launches towards the roof where it illuminates the score clock which has the slogan "he's back" displayed on it. then the drums from the Sens theme song plays and out skates alfie. the end