Happy Thanksgiving 2

I love this time of year. First off, Halloween chocolate bars are out. The Senators are back. My favourite show One Tree Hill is back on the air. But, most of all, it's Thanksgiving, my most favourite holiday, besides Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Victoria Day, Family Day and my Uncle Ron's birthday . Because every time my Uncle Ron has a birthday they have a trampoline, which is awesome, except the time my friend Lou shattered both legs and then there was a major law suit, but thats neither here nor there. 

Anyways, the reason I love Thanksgiving so much has to be hands down the food and the good company. Everyone just gets going and the liquor starts flowing. Almost always, the night ends and everyone goes home happy and full. 

But this post is not about that...this is about the Thanksgiving that went to SHIT. It all started innocently enough. But Aunt Edna wasn't acting herself. She started saying things like "GERRY, GERRY, WE NEED A PRICE CHECK ON MILK, GERRY....GERRY ARE YOU THERE? PRICE CHECK ON GUM, GERRY". We sat her down and gave her a cup of tea. She fell asleep and we went on our way. About 20 minutes later, my cousin Phillip notice Edna was missing because he yelled "AUNT EDNA IS MISSING". Before anyone could react, the living room wall came crashing down  and came through the back end of Aunt Edna's jeep. And guess who was trapped under the tires? MY DAD. He was screaming "I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS" and "THERE'S SO MUCH BLOOD". 

To make a long story short, let's just say we were eating Turkey that night alright, we were eating turkey in the hospital. THE END



P.S. My dad was okay except he had shattered every rib in his body and needed two stitches on his elbow