cooking with bRian - Zoodles

Hi guys, lots of people ask me "how do you cook so good?" Well, its really not that complicated if you put your mind to it.

Here, I indulge in a tasty dish I like to call "Zoodles" 

Step 1:

assemble important ingredients

Step 2:

Do a light dusting off on the top and make sure you check that expiry date. Looks like we're good for another 2 years, guys.

Step 3:

Open that sucker up. Don't waste the juice by spilling it.


Step 4:

check out that glisten.

Step 5:

Pour it in a saucepan nice and slow so as to keep the flavour locked in from the can.

Step 6: 

Make sure you scrape the bottom of the can - that's where all the good stuff hides out.

Step 7: 

Place the saucepan on the stove and crank it up to the highest of settings.

Step 8:

Wait it out. Don't bother checking it too much - it basically cooks itself.

Step 9: