Things That Really Gross Me Out

1) The smell coming out of dad's bathroom after he reads a whole magazine in there. Like does he really need to read the whole thing?

2) Watching my 10 year old brother get viciously attacked by an angry rattle snake in the back yard while I stand there helpless

3) When Granny cuts a fart after plowing through a plate of cheese fries. Tastes like metal in my mouth for a day after. Like seriously

4) My sister's face.

5) My uncles legs after he got rolled under a van last spring. They are still sickly looking

6) My first paycheck from Hortons. I couldn't even afford to buy a car when I got it, like give me a break. (update * I told Gordo my manager to cook his own damn coffee and I quit, I had enough)

7) For some reason, after my Principal Susie Mack checked my hair for lice at school, she started dry coughing and then puked in her desk drawer. Like ewww

8) My friend Steve's nose hair. I actually watched it start curling it was so long. What made it worse was when he was dead.

9) I once ate rotted pizza. The thing is I knew it was rotted. But you can't fault a man for wanting a slice now and then.

10) My first kiss. Not what you think. I tripped and fell face first into Reggie's, my dog, asshole. YUCK