First Day of School

My first day of school was full of unusual events. The first thing was getting on the bus, which didn't happen. When the bus pulled up, Gino , the bus driver opened the door and proceeded to swig his beer in front of my mom. She grabbed me as I was getting on, but Gino yelled "FUCK THIS" and sped off, only my leg got caught in the door and I was dragged violently for 400 yards. Next thing I know i'm waking up attached to a robot feeding me liquids. My legs were shattered into 40 individual pieces. My ears were sowed back onto the back of my head. My hands were hanging my skin threads. My rib cage was literally exposed. To say the least, first day of high school didn't go quite as planned. 4 years later, I recovered enough to finally go for my first day...again. Only this time Gino was steaming drunk and he completely lost control of his bus and rolled off an 80 foot bridge. Luckily I hadn't been picked up yet, so I walked and got written up for being late. Talk about bad luck. I was able to laugh about it later though.