the bRian5or6 show: S02E02 - Reynold's Roadhouse

in this week episodes the hosts of the bRian5or6 show head to Reynold's Roadhouse in Renfrew where we encounter bar fights, listen to amazing tunes by the Nuclears, talk Sens potential line ups, and much much more. 

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Music featured by The Nuclears. Songs appear in order: 

1) Waiting for an Alibi (Thin Lizzy Cover) 2) Winter Wonderland 3) Glitter & Grime 4) Zegema Beach 5) Tanzen Macht Frei 6) Pay Yer Dues 7) Get Up! 8) Turn on You 9) Shelf Life 10) New York City Blows 11) Baby You Know I Love You (But You've Gotta Stop Bringin' Me Down) 12) Don't Like It, Don't Get It, Don't Care 13) Mick Maverick guitar solo 14) This Is How We Party