The bRian5or6 show: S02E01 - The Tree

A brand new studio is in store for season 2 of the bRian5or6 show. Lots of Sens talk regarding the new signing of Ceci and Stone as well as discussion of trending news stories and TV shows. Gary has a new exciting segment which is kinda bullsh*t but there it is.

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the bRian5or6 show: S01E08 - The Boat

In this week's episode, the hosts of the bRian5or6 show are on a fishing boat for Canada Day celebrations. We sit back and talk about our thoughts on last week's draft pick for the Ottawa Senators, get pulled over by the boating police, tell a few stories about embarrassing moments at work, and much much more. Gary brings fireworks so you can only guess what happens.

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the bRian5or6 show: S01E06 - The Hospital

this week's episode outlines what REALLY happened at the REDBLACKS home pre-season game, as well as an intimate sponge bath for Larry, and details on our most epic tumbles we've ever experienced. Gary keeps trying to steal Larry's hospital dinner, the friggin' idiot.

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the bRian5or6 show: S01E05 - Beckers

in this episode, the cast of the bRian5or6 show is recording in the only Beckers left in Ottawa, Canada. We talk about the stanley cup final, our favourite Sens games we've ever been to at the CTC, as well as throw in a few dad stories (may he rest in peace) plus lots more. Gary won't shut up no matter what.

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the bRian5or6 show: S01E04 - Todd's Chips, Sausages, Hotdogs and all the Fixin's

in this week's episode we discuss the highlights of our bachelor parties, talk sens hockey trades/contracts, and tell stories about our dad Wayne (who unfortunately is no longer with us RIP 2003). Gary picked the WORST location possible to do the podcast so apologies in advance. friggin' idiot.

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the bRian5or6 show: S01E03 - Uncle Lonny's Cottage

in this episode, we give our picks for the playoffs as well as tell our stories of past NHL player encounters. We also answer fan questions and play "what would you do if..." Gary of course is annoying as usual.  

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the bRian5or6 show: S01E02 - the Chupacabra

in this week's episode, we talk about the Senators' decision to keep the entire coaching staff as well as answer Sens trivia, talk movies, and my personal favourite - Ottawa, Canada trivia. the sound may not be too good as we were forced to record in Granny's garage due to last episode's fire incident that left Larry badly injured.

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the bRian5or6 show: S01E01 - Big Rigs

In this first episode we introduce ourselves (except my cousin Gary just goes on and on like an idiot), we talk hockey, movies, and discuss the meaning behind Chris Phillips' nickname 'Big Rig'.. plus Gary effs everything up as usual.

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