the bRian5or6 show: S03E05 - Bowling with DJ

The boys are back after a few months hiatus to talk a brand new season of Sens hockey! In this week's episode we discuss the new faces of the Ottawa Senators, including DJ Smith. Chad the Researcher gives us his 100% true facts also, so get a pen and pencil ready.

the bRian5or6 show: S03E04 - The Air Horn

In this week’s video podcast you catch an inside glimpse of the science around how bRian5or6 does his periscopes. Also Gary dies choking on a Dollarstore Chocolate bar so there’s that. View the video version by clicking here —> bRian5or6 VIDEO PODCAST

the bRian5or6 show: S03E03 - Revamped

we're baaaaack after a few weeks on hiatus. We've revamped things a bit where now you can watch the podcast while you listen. Or you can just listen to it without watching it. Or you can watch it without listening which is weird but ok. My pants may, or may not, be on. Hint: they're not. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

to watch on Youtube click HERE

the bRian5or6 show: S02E06 - Cats (no, not the musical)

In this week’s episode, Granny has opened up a kitty daycare. We talk about the Sens’ new strategy as well as our experience at the Wine thingy that the Senators put on Thursday. Also, Larry reveals a big secret tonight that has us all shocked.

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the bRian5or6 show: S02E05 - The Tornado

in this week’s episode, a special guest (my wife, @Shellyrocker9) joins us to talk about the story of my mother’s survival moves during the tornados that occurred on Friday September 21st in Ottawa and Gatineau Canada. We also discuss my experience at the Ottawa Senators’ Social Influencer meeting with Pierre Dorion and Sens staff. Gary’s missing, we’re not sure where he is. oh well.

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the bRian5or6 show: S02E04 - Losing Karlsson

In this week’s episode, we talk hockey. Listen here for our thoughts on the Karlsson trade, bRian’s experience at the Can’t Dim my Light walk with the Karlsson’s, discussion on the future of the Ottawa Senators, and much much more.

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the bRian5or6 show: S02E03 - Toby's Finest Brewery in Vanier

In this week's episode, we talk about potential upcoming Sens trades, Rocky IIIV, the return of Salt 'n Vinegar Ruffles, and discuss stories about bRian's employment history. Gary loses it after hearing some troubling news about Tammy. What an idiot.

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the bRian5or6 show: S02E02 - Reynold's Roadhouse

in this week episodes the hosts of the bRian5or6 show head to Reynold's Roadhouse in Renfrew where we encounter bar fights, listen to amazing tunes by the Nuclears, talk Sens potential line ups, and much much more. 

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Music featured by The Nuclears. Songs appear in order: 

1) Waiting for an Alibi (Thin Lizzy Cover) 2) Winter Wonderland 3) Glitter & Grime 4) Zegema Beach 5) Tanzen Macht Frei 6) Pay Yer Dues 7) Get Up! 8) Turn on You 9) Shelf Life 10) New York City Blows 11) Baby You Know I Love You (But You've Gotta Stop Bringin' Me Down) 12) Don't Like It, Don't Get It, Don't Care 13) Mick Maverick guitar solo 14) This Is How We Party

The bRian5or6 show: S02E01 - The Tree

A brand new studio is in store for season 2 of the bRian5or6 show. Lots of Sens talk regarding the new signing of Ceci and Stone as well as discussion of trending news stories and TV shows. Gary has a new exciting segment which is kinda bullsh*t but there it is.

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the bRian5or6 show: S01E08 - The Boat

In this week's episode, the hosts of the bRian5or6 show are on a fishing boat for Canada Day celebrations. We sit back and talk about our thoughts on last week's draft pick for the Ottawa Senators, get pulled over by the boating police, tell a few stories about embarrassing moments at work, and much much more. Gary brings fireworks so you can only guess what happens.

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the bRian5or6 show: S01E06 - The Hospital

this week's episode outlines what REALLY happened at the REDBLACKS home pre-season game, as well as an intimate sponge bath for Larry, and details on our most epic tumbles we've ever experienced. Gary keeps trying to steal Larry's hospital dinner, the friggin' idiot.

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